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Originally Posted by madjik View Post
Klingon Exploration Quests

Klingon Exploration is IN, Finally some PvE content for Klingons. It isn't much, but it IS a start. Klingon Cluster Missions center around conquering various civilizations or preventing the Federation from gaining a foothold too close to Klingon space. More info at a later date.
Actually, I found there is a decided lack in conquest in Klingon Exploration Missions. But they feature some new concent, which made them interesting.

Ground missions typically ask you to destroy objects. So far I've encountered tribbles ( Too many of those in my opinion), computer consoles and weapon caches.
Space missions involve destroying enemy ships, klingon ship wrecks, or destroying biodomes on asteroids.

I don't remember any mission names off-hand, so this is just a rough outline not quite up to the standards set by the excellent initial posts by madjik.

Destroy Objects (Ground)
Different scenarios exist.
- Destroy computer consoles on the wreck of a Klingon vessel
- Kill heaps of tribble found across an allied base (typically involves a race as an ally that's an enemy on the Federation side)
- Destroy weapon caches.

A variation (typically on planets) has a final mission goal where you have to reconfigure some device, for example to track the originator of the weapon caches or avoid the Borg potentially getting vital information.

Defend Planet (Ground)
Enemies are attacking a Klingon planet. You deal with the final group. Simple "kill all enemies" mission.
(Noticed that a few of them are bugged with enemies on top of or even inside buildings. It seems you can get them out or down with some experimentation, walking around or firing around)

Destroy Klingon Ship Wrecks (Space)
This mission kinda mirrors the "Investigate Ship" missions on the Federation side.

You find several wrecks of Klingon ships and have to destroy them from space before the enemy can disassemble and reverse engineer them. IIRC, all these missions also include enemy vessels, but you don't have to destroy them. (Since you have Cloak, it's easier to avoid them - just decloak to destroy the ship, retreat and once you can reactivate cloak, do it and head to the next space. Easier with Battlecloak, obviously.)

Destroy Biodomes (Space)
Federation or other races has installed Biodomes. Some are just for agricultural purposes, others breed tribbles as part of the project. I think the latter variant also requires you to destroy all enemy ships.

The biodomes are spread across several large asteroids, there can be 2 o 3 of them on an asteroid. A single High Yield I Photon Torpedo can destroy one dome.

Secure Sector (Space)
Pretty much like the Federation missions. Either you're under attack immediately or you protect an asteroid base.


I hope there are plans to add more variety and particularly more "conquest" stuff. Way too often it seems as if the Klingons just are simple defenders, instead of waging a war... While the Federation seems overly agressive. And, Tribbles are fun in moderation, but repeatedly going out to "hunt" tribbles ... Meh.