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06-14-2010, 05:41 AM
I fully AGREE on the main post!!!

and would like to add the following:

1) Why do some players insist that Sci ships are meant for healing? After all, 3/4 of our available powers go toward CC/debuff... except they have been nerfed to death... Healing is still A LOT easier done in a cruiser, as you don't have to focus ALL your heals on keeping yourself alive... Just because some other MMO has a class devoted to just healing does not mean it have to be like that in STO!! After all, they should try to follow the tv-series/movies as much as possible, and in Star Trek the sci ship is mainly a cc/debuff vessle, while healing is done by cruisers!!

2) The reason why some sci-abilities still feels overpowered, is because of people stacking 4xPre-nerf +30 consoles. And the 1.1 and 1.2 nerfs have seems to be directed at bringing people with these consoles down to reasonable level, leaving the other sci-captains powerless...

3) Solution to make science ships more fun and slightly more effective:
- Un-nerf the consoles back to +30
- Make it so sci consoles don't stack!
This would make it possible to spread your abilities, instead of stacking towards one ability and running only that one. Then we could hit more than one ability at once and maybe the combined effect would be enough to make a difference!

4) I also know some Eng RAs running sci ships. The one's i know of are running exclusively explore missions on normal mode, and finding it challenging... Teamed up with one the other day, and he found both PvP and DSE to be completely impossible to do... even when in a team... Do NOT get me wrong! If he has fun on his normal explores, by all means do just that! But for those of us who feel compelled to be Sci officers, it does not feel fair in any way that we just have to accept that Elite PvE, PvP and STF is a respawn feast....