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06-14-2010, 07:27 AM
Originally Posted by BrooklynKnight View Post
My captain is not getting credit for dealing damage with polaron or plasma weapons. The damage count on those accolades is frozen. Anyone see this?
Hmm, now my Plasma count is stuck, too. However, I just got the Polaron accolade.

I suspect, it has to do with the weapons you are using - I was using some Mk VI Plasma Whites while observing the counter rise a couple days back - this merits more testing.

Edit: It seems like not the weapon, but rather the locale is the buggy factor. In B'Tran it doesn't seem to work for me. While I was killing Gorn on Kassae, it does however. It also does in the Big Dig (Quarn can also confirm this).
In any case, it is a more obscure bug it seems.