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06-14-2010, 09:53 AM
It's amazing how people say that every post is a whine about something. The object of the forum is to let Cryptic know of the problems we have with the game. This may not be a major problem, but I feel it should still be addressed. I'm not whining. It's not a "sky is falling" quote. It is a simple statement. Why do they sell batteries on Qo'Nos but not on a Federation Starbase?

Hey Peregrine_Falcon, if you are looking for people to make fun of, do it somewhere else. It's amazing how many thread response's are filled with arrogant people who feel they have to put someone down. Why should I have to switch to my Klingon to get batteries to mail to my Feds? It would be easier if they had a vendor on a Federation starbase. That's what this post is about. Try thinking before you respond Falcon.

As for the people who suggested the mail system, thank you. I've been doing that for a long time. I just think it would be easier if there was a vendor at a Federation Starbase. I hate switching back and forth just to get batteries.

As for ArievDhien's response, he is absolutely right. Why is it that the Federation has crafting but the Klingons don't? See, that is a good idea for a new thread. Mise's list goes in here too. The Klingon side of the game needs more content, multiple ship variants or off-duty uniforms and other stuff. We also know that they have more space then just 2 sectors in their Empire. (/smugmode deactivated )

There it is. That is one of the many small problems I have with this game. To the people who patrol the forums, if you don't have a proper response to a thread, or an idea on how to help, just skip it and move on. If you do have a response, why put someone down when you respond? Just post you response. Leave the attitude and arrogance at home. Thank you.