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06-14-2010, 11:00 AM
Originally Posted by AuroraKet View Post
The saddest thing to me about this whole thing is from the reports on CO and costume availability in the same system.

If they'd sent some of the CO costume design people over to STO and, as someone said in the stickied flame festival, had some other less chaste and more fanservicey stuff available that one could put on all their BOs (including off duty stuff, which BOs should be allowed), the demand for the MU uniforms wouldn't even be there. It's all about the navel baring and seeing the chests. :p
Yes I must agree with you there. I think at least some of the people claiming how 'iconic' the uniforms are might be exaggarating just a tad. Especially when you consider how many episodes those uniforms appeared in (one). At least Liberated Borg appeared in multiple seasons of Voyager.

There was nearly no fuss at all about the Mirror Universe uniforms until the exact day the female outfits were finally put in.