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06-14-2010, 11:00 AM
Originally Posted by superchum View Post
So was the red matter capacitor, the automated plasma defense turret, the chromodynamic armor and a couple other things I'm forgetting.
Yeah they did but the one thing about the rifle was it was given to one brick and mortar store unlike the others in the US.

Oh, and from the Engineering report:

Pack 7 - June 15

* KLG Bridge Pack - Raptor
* FED Costume Pack - DS9
* FED Costume Pack - MU
* FED Costume Pack - TNG
* FED COstume Pack - TOS
* FED Costume Pack - Wrath of Khan
* FED Light Cruiser - TOS USS Enterprise
* FED NX Ship Registry Prefix
* FED Playable Fed Species: "Caitian" (crossing fingers)
* FED/KLG Playable Species: "Joined Trill"
* FED Borg Bridge Officer
* KLG Borg Bridge Officer
* KLG Pet - "Targ"
* Emote - Bloodwine
* Emote - Khan
* "Rivera" Tribble

dstahl put crossing fingers by the only one not already in the game too so that may or may not make it in "pack 7"