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06-14-2010, 11:05 AM
Originally Posted by Stormstryke
Almost all. No TR-116 rifle and wonder why that was left off the list.

Now it seems like maybe Wal-Mart had the best retail item of them all after all once the rifle hits. The skill points to start and can C-store anything else you wanted. I take back all the laughing I did to the people who bought the game from Wal-Mart now.
I am also curious why some didn't make it. Maybe it was part of their agreement with said retailer that they wouldn't offer their exclusives until either a certain date or until they had sold a certain # of copies? Just speculating if that were the case, Target may still have too many units on the shelves.

I was at Gamestop this weekend and they still had a copy of their regular edition with the Connie and the CE with Connie and 3 guest passes. It was still $50, but I was tempted to grab the one with the passes...