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06-14-2010, 11:08 AM
Originally Posted by AuroraKet View Post
Re: Personae

Yup... :p It's all about the fanservice. I mean... for people who have CO, surely with the look of hero comics lately they have some string bikini tops or such for that, heck, just retexture them or something and stick them in, watch the fuss go away when they can stick them on all the female BOffs.

I'll probably take a lot of crud for this, but I'd rather see some other playable races be cross-faction allowed for a fee. I used to play an Orion girl on a multiplayer text based trek RPG, one who was Starfleet proud and slept with a concussion rifle during some of the Borg incidents there. I'd love to be able to bring her back.
I'm rather surprised Federation Orions haven't been offered on the C-store yet. Its a popular request. I faked one with the 'alien' but not quite the same because the traits weren't available. But if they do, they should also sell Klingon side Humans or Vulcans. Fair is fair.