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06-14-2010, 11:15 AM
Originally Posted by personae
I'm rather surprised Federation Orions haven't been offered on the C-store yet. Its a popular request. I faked one with the 'alien' but not quite the same because the traits weren't available. But if they do, they should also sell Klingon side Humans or Vulcans. Fair is fair.
I wouldn't mind if they did. I'm guessing they'd be far less popular than UFP Orions, but... yeah, I wouldn't object to them being there. And I'd have Selena Meadows back in her Defiant within minutes of it being offered.

I could fake one as well, but without the traits, yeah. They should open more traits to alien builds, imo.

Depending on how much truly game altering stuff gets put in the c-store, I could mention another thing to sell for good cost as well, that doesn't violate exclusive or anything, but I don't because it's too close to pay for play, and would probably overrun the game. But given the chance to do so, I woulda paid good C-store cred to get more traits for my alien char.