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06-14-2010, 11:16 AM
Originally Posted by personae
I'm rather surprised Federation Orions haven't been offered on the C-store yet. Its a popular request. I faked one with the 'alien' but not quite the same because the traits weren't available. But if they do, they should also sell Klingon side Humans or Vulcans. Fair is fair.
IF I were at Cryptic, I'd start an NPC Vulcan group that doesn't play nice with the Federation. A "Sons of Sybok". And I could see them both being something that paves the way for Klingon Vulcans as well as advancing the Galactic Barrier plots that Cryptic has indicated an interest in. We know there are barriers at the center of the galaxy and the rim. We know people become godlike at the rim and that the center contained a false god. It could make for an interesting way to follow up on STV (something you'd likely never see addressed elsewhere aside from Peter David novels and the Shatnerverse).

Of course, in place of the "Mindmeld" ability, they'd have, "Take Pain" or something as a seduce type ability.