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11-22-2008, 04:29 AM
some random thoughts from me about this interview, probably moving away a bit from your discussion of ships (i am amazed at how familiar with ships some of you seem, i've been watching star trek since TNG was originally aired and ships have always seemed incidental to the missions, so i just don't remember as much as you guys)

i am delighted to see reference to DS9 as a visitable location in the game. this excited me. I was also happy with the mention that there is an emphasis on fun. obviously it is not clear how deaths will be dealt with, but it was something that had been niggling me.

how do people feel about shuttles being pretty much set on "auto"? (or did i pick that up wrong?)

i know a lot of that info was known to those of us that spend a lot of time on forums, but we must remember that they are trying to hook new people in. had i come across this interview six weeks ago it would have answered many a question, many a question i tell you, and i'd have been thrilled with the prospect of the game.

can anyone explain the prhase "modular ships" for me?

i'm wondering if cameos from familiar faces might be in the form of historical flashbacks, holograms etc. So they may be playing recreations of "their" characters. hmmm?

and i hope that nobody is "untouchable", even if they have tirelessly worked their way into the best ship in the fleet. that would really not be in line with the trek experience, imo.

well, my interest has been stoked again Cryptic.