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06-15-2010, 08:07 AM
Originally Posted by boomaster View Post
Thanks for the reply, I honestly hadn't clicked on it being the auto-complete.

Anyone know if Bill Gates is playing a Klingon? I need to pay him a visit ..........................
LOL Boomaster. I still need to post the update I made to fix this. I've just been busy. Probably later today/tomorrow, as I'm going to see if I can add some other tid-bits at the same time.

Edit: v2.2.0 is now available, see post #47 for details.

Originally Posted by Roggane View Post
randomly saw a post of yours and checked calc out in your sig.

freakin nice! must have for anyone respeccing.
Hey look my siggy is working! Heh. Thanks for the compliment Roggane.

I wanted also to bump my own thread/calculator. Borg BO is now available for purchase in the C-Store. She's great to have for her "uniqueness" and no doubt she's cool - But if anyone was going to spend real world cash just for her Efficient Trait, I wanted them to be able to see exactly what that will give them before they spend the monies. Take a look at my calculator and play with the numbers. Is the power gain worth it? Some will think so (I do, though I got my Borg w/Amazon purchased CE and think her non-ship-power-releated features are awesome!), others might not. This isn't a warning at all (again, I think she's great), just an FYI ... Knowledge is power, knowing is half the battle, etc.