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06-15-2010, 10:31 AM
Originally Posted by SteveHale View Post
I don't understand... You can't get away fast enough because the target is too slow?
i know that sounds strange but they usually fly in the opposite direction (at least on the first pass)... and keep in mind i have only Mk IV engines at the moment and therefore it is pretty obvious if the enemy is moving at 1/4.

Originally Posted by caseman417 View Post
Mogai escorts in romulan space routinely pop evasive manuevers upon encountering you and fly at a ridiculous speed for quite a while.

Boom. Headshot.
Right, and directly after that randmoly triggered ability it is back to 1/4 impuls.
And some Ships trigger Evasive while they sit still and dont move at all,
there is no intention behind it, they just randomly trigger it.

And realy my playstyle does not matter so much here, i just explained that in my situation it is kind of obvious and annoying that they move so slow. It takes forever to get 5K away.

When i did my Cruiser i did not notice it because i was flying circles most of the time. Feedback Forum, there you got my Feedback.