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06-15-2010, 10:01 AM
A lot of the silence could really be due to the fact that beyond saying "OMG! T3h m0us3 is broken!" there really is very little else in the way of information. Typically, the following information will always be asked for:

1. A DXDIAG of the system in question

2. A copy of the nettest results of which you can read how to get at

3. Any other details such as if the game has always done this, what else you have done to resolve it, etc.

Just right off the top of my head I can think of four different things, all taking into account the disabling of the hardware mouse acceleration, that could be causing it. However, saying something like "This only happens in STO! No other game behaves like that, not even if I keep playing for hours! So ... the fault is definitely not mine. And I won't buy yet ANOTHER mouse. I'm done!" really does not mean much except the fact that it gives the person a reason to lash out at whomever tries to help with an inevitable "U R n00b" kind of comments and frustrating and/or discouraging the person or persons trying to help.

Sadly, as a lot of people are finding out on a daily basis here a PC is a very complex system of parts and software that works nothing like your console or microwave and can be very frustrating when it comes to issues. However, if the person involved takes a deep breath and instead of saying what is not wrong or how "everything else works" be more willing to try and troubleshoot a problem regardless if it covers ground you feel you covered more people will be inclined to help you rather than running the risk of wasting both their time and yours.