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06-15-2010, 04:40 PM
Originally Posted by vadersson View Post
Now if only the TR-118 rifle would show up. After reading The Needs of the Many, I want one.
I absolutely love that freaking rifle. OTOH, it's worth noting that I play more alts than I think is average for this game. The TR-118 is one of the earliest things you level out of -- there are just too many weapons that do what the TR-118 does better (not counting the 'shooting through walls' bit) to hold onto it into even the late Lieutenancy, much less Lt. Cmdr.

If you do tend to start new characters often, it pays for itself quickly in slaughter. I would think as soon as Cryptic can put it in the C-Store, they should.

The Mutli-Spatial shield, on the other hand, lasts half of forever. Other stuff has slightly better stats after a short while, but between the regen and the capacity, it's just a darn good shield even into the Lt. Commander level. And there is something to be said for leaving your Defensive Battery in your inventory and swapping it in when you fight plasma torp firing enemies. Watching incoming torps just... melt away without needing your input is just so gratifying....