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06-15-2010, 07:30 PM
Originally Posted by Albinonewt View Post
Dear Cryptic:

I imagine (hope) I'm not alone here, but I purchased several different copies of the game and other items in order to unlock as many of the bonus features as possible. If 2 months later all that is available to everyone else then what was the point of limited edition releases? Will there be some sort of restitution (other unlocks) for those of us that took "limited" to not have such a finite time period of meaningfulness?

I'm a big fan of this game and all, I feel like you're specifically targeting those of us that did our best to make launch successful and giving us the big middle finger while cashing our checks.
Originally Posted by Albinonewt View Post
But hey, I'm a professional accountant that does budgeting for Fortune 50 companies, and not a game designer, so what would i know?
Do a cost/benefit analysis that shows how compensation will help subscriber retention, adoption, quality of game experience, revenue growth, you know the drill.

Granted you don't have numbers but you do have access to best practices so you can do a widget scenario.

Throw in a 7-S for fun.