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06-16-2010, 07:39 AM
Originally Posted by Aenorn
Cryptic seems to have combined those, paying monthly AND for content. They've made it completely clear they're in this for nothing but the money. They released the game unfinished (Clearly) and with DLC ON LAUNCH DAY. That means they intentionally left things out of the game so they could get money for them after we've already paid for the game. They then proceed to release more Paid DLC than ANY OTHER PAID MMO within the first 5 months. INCLUDING The pre-order/limited/deluxe/special edition items that people paid FAR MORE MONEY FOR BEFORE-HAND.
You seem to overlook the point that you're not paying for extra content here. ALL the things listed in the c-store is not content. Content is new zones, new missions, new STF's, new gear that statistically improves your character.

You're paying for costumization options, none of these are things you must have to play the game, you can do perfectly fine without them. Argumentively the Enterprise ship is the only thing that would fall under content since it's marginally better then the standard ship you start off with, however this is still mostly cosmetics since it's not completely overpowered compared to the alternative. If they charged money for actual content then it'd mean you have to buy it or you couldn't play the full game, but that's most definately not the case here.

Please do not mix up content with costumization options, there is huge difference between the two.