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06-16-2010, 08:08 AM
Originally Posted by Captain_Solok


Personally I wish they didnt give away ANY exclusives!
That's not true and the fact is, they DID sell and market stuff as "exclusives"!

I know several people who paid for multiple copies/keys so they could have all the "exclusive" stuff. They're collectors and fans and they wanted the tribble, the points, the ship, the NX, the Borg etc etc. They bought ALL of it because they wanted to collect it all and they paid for multiple copies of the box and digital copies specifically to receive these EXCLUSIVE items.

To sell something as an "exclusive" just months ago (still even considering original boxes are still on some shelves) and now, just 6 months into the games life, is FOOLISH from a business standpoint. They've just PO'd the very people who invested more than anyone else into their company.

I'm sorry, but this was a tremendous error on Cryptics part for some cheap easy cash...they sold out their biggest fans.