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06-16-2010, 09:23 AM
I agree with the OP. You pay a set price for the game. if you got any other edition other than the standard one, you paid an extra amount on top of the base price of the game for those items. I personally purchased the deluxe download edition for some of it's items. I paid extra to have those from the beginning of my game play. However, those special editions don't last for ever and later down the road are impossible to find.

Now, Cryptic decides to release those item in the C-store for purchase by other players. It's a good way to make some money on transactions and get those items available for everyone that plays. Now the items will be around and available for the entire life of the game. I'm not really upset about this. I paid for the version I got and I was able to use the items before the general populace. I'm not mad that other people have those items now. It's generating money for Cryptic which in turn should be going to support the game.

They knew they were going to implement a store for in game items to be purchased. From a business standpoint, that's a brilliant idea. What I feel they should have done though was actually give players that bought things like the Collectors edition something that wasn't in game which makes the collectors stuff worthwhile. Perhaps something like and Artwork of STO book showing sketches, drawings, and other things. Maybe a DvD on the making of STO. Things like that make for collectors items that people want to keep.