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06-16-2010, 09:45 AM
Originally Posted by Aenorn
Also, I don't hate the game. I love the game, I hate the way Cryptic is running the game.
does the this list of reason revolve around your interpetation of how cryptic is 'bilking' the player base? are they wrong for following the rest of the industry going this route? so now you hate more MMO companies aside from cryptic too then, huh? or is there a legit gripe other than jacob flowers has posted about?

Originally Posted by Aenorn
This is just an example: You really like chocolate chip cookies. The company that makes the chocolate chip cookies kills puppies. Do you like the company that makes your cookies? They're hard at work, you know.
lol, fell out of my chair after reading this. one has nothing to do with the other, except in your head. sad really!

Originally Posted by Nishka
Please do not mix up content with costumization options, there is huge difference between the two.
Nishka is right! c-store fluff is just that fluff. nothing useful comes out of it, just eye-candy to enhance YOUR gaming. content is having new explore missions, STF's, pvp match-types and such..........which they have provided and will add much much more when season 2.0 debuts on tribble in 2 weeks.