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06-16-2010, 09:47 AM
Originally Posted by castogere View Post
<edited for the sake of playing nice> If I have to pay for something you got for am I entitled to anything? I'm paying for it. I agree that people should not jump on the bandwagon with the "I want this because he has it" nonsense. But if I gotta pay for it...then yes...I'm entitled to it. Again in any business, if you have paying customers screaming for something, its only good business to supply what is being asked for.

The fact that they pay for exclusivity and you didn't would only show that in the end of buying all the cryptic points technically means; they as well paid for the deluxe edition when total money spent is tallied. Maybe even more. Even at the low low price of the STO basic addition at $29.99 getting all of the C-store items means spending at least another $50.- outside of the sub.

So I ask......when all of this is considered...who exactly is entitled to anything? Either way we all paid for it one way of the other.
I think you're right for the most part. If you pay for something I got for free, you are entitled to exactly what you paid for. But the problem is that some people think that the incentive is what they have purchased, and the accompanying product is simply an extra. They are wrong, no matter how fervently they believe otherwise.

This is the case with exclusivity: first, they thought that they paid for exclusivity, but they did not. They paid for a game and for access to that game. Some paid for a lifetime subscription to that game, other paid for early access to that game. All of them received what they paid for.

Second, they want to claim that "exclusivity," which they were in fact given, somehow has the meaning of "for all time," but it does not, and never has.

So yes, they want to claim that Cryptic "lied" or "deceived" them. It did not, and they were not harmed in any way: the source of their outrage is their demonstrably false belief that they are entitled to something.

In short, while they have every right to claim that selling these items on the C-Store is unfair, and they probably deserve some sympathy on these grounds, they have absolutely no right to claim that they were misled, deceived, or cheated. The only deception came from their own deluded sense of entitlement.