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06-16-2010, 10:38 AM
Originally Posted by ladyfox View Post
Well, as you are finding out the devs only peek in from time-to-time here and considering the volume of traffic this place gets it's near impossible to see many posts without spending a good hour, two or three times a day, to keep on top of the post count. Heck, I'm even surprised that the Implausable guy (sp?) is able to respond to as many as he does on a daily basis since I gave up a month ago even trying to read everything in here.

Well, with that said let me give this a whack and see where it takes us:

a. Nettest results - While I know they show as good I know from other threads where odd issues like this pop up that having those already posted tends to help out anyway. Remember as well that your internet connection is constantly in flux and while it may be 180ms one moment if you start hitting it hard it could get slower or possibly faster.

For example, one guy was complaining about random disconnects while playing STO and from looking at the nettest results every so often their connection would drop. One person chimed in saying that Cox was doing what is called traffic shaping on their connection since the STO activity was giving the appearance of bittorrent traffic. I've seen this myself at home and had to yell at Comcast to stop jacking with my connection which they've done so far.

Remember, more information never hurts even if everything looks okay so that if and when someone DOES respond they'll not have any reason to cover any of it and can just work forward from there.

b. DXDIAG - I went over to where you posted and was unable to get to it without having to register which I'm loathe to do since I get enough spam mail as it is. :p Rather than have you break up your DXDIAG into separate posts here try doing this:

How to generate a dxdiag report
If you're having additional problems after other troubleshooting, post in these forums and include a copy of your DirectX Diagnostic report.

1. Hold down the Windows key and press the R key. If you don't have a Windows key, then go to "Run" from the Start menu.
2. Type dxdiag into the box and press Enter or click "'Ok".
3. If you're prompted with a question, just dismiss it for now. Let the progress bar finish before doing anything.
4. Click on the "Save All Information" button.
5. Click "Save" to save the file to your desktop (default location).
6. Open up the newly created file (ie: double-click on it).
7. Right click anywhere on the text and choose "Select All" (or press Ctrl-A).
8. Right click anywhere on the text and choose "Copy" (or press Ctrl-C).
9. Use a pastebin service such as to paste your copied DXDiag text (Ctrl-V to paste).
10. Link your pastebin to your post.

This way it will give myself and anyone else the ability to look at what you have without having to have you repost it anywhere else.

3. N00b thing and other stuff - If I came across like I was calling you a n00b or anything I do apologize since that was not my intention. I was just mainly pointing out some of the flaws in your post that, while I know you are frustrated, can really come across the wrong way or discourage anyone from trying to give you a hand. Too many folks around here post when they are frustrated as it is already so we do not really need to contribute to it.

Other thoughts:

Right now, to be honest, based upon your description it's most likely due to one of four things:

a. Wireless Network latency - Somehow something starts to interfere with your network connection in such a way that it manifests as mouse lag. If the issue happened right away I'd be more inclined to point to something else hardware related. I usually see this on a system running a wireless adapter.

b. Traffic shaping - The reason why I think this is most likely is due to the fact that the issue only seems to appear after you have been playing for some period of time rather than right away. A lot of internet providers are starting to do this whenever they see a lot of data traffic being passed back and forth over an internet connection. Thinking that the person is using bittorrent they start to "shape" the connection by introducing either intermittent hiccups or slowing the connection WAY down. As I mentioned I've had this happen to me before via Comcast and it took me complaining to their CSR rep to get them to stop.

c. Disk activity - Both Vista and Win7 have this rather insidious feature called Superfetch which intermittently will ping your hard drive as it tries to figure out what you are doing and "fetch" the data so that it speeds up disk access. The downside to this is that if you have a system that has a slower hard drive, or not a lot of RAM, your hard drive is constantly going and sounds like a bag of marbles in your PC slowing everything down rather than helping. In addition to this some antivirus programs have a firewall built in that monitors the traffic going in and out of your PC which can also manifest as stuttering during some applications that are network dependent.

I did have a fourth one in mind but it eludes me right now but I think you get the general idea in either case.
Sorry, I haven't noticed this thread before. As you stated it can become difficult to keep up with you all since there are so many posts.

As for this issue I will have to look around for some ideas why this is happening.