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06-16-2010, 02:38 PM
Extremely useful. Thank you a lot for the graphs and explanations.

Your tests confirmed my idea to switch from a 3+1 Torp Front, 3+1 Torp Rear cruiser setup to a 1 DBB+2BA+1Torp front setup. Only having a 5 beam broadside can help recover some energy and I like the somewhat stronger front array with a stronger BO through the DBB.

I specced 9 in Auxiliary System Performance and 6 in Weapon System Performance and it really pays off to have that +7 extra weapon power, basically a free console. Together with 3-4 Weapon Power consoles I can keep the 5-6 beams running without major drop. If I run a 2 Resist Consoles + 2 Weapon Power or 4 Weapon Power consoles or whatever console mix setup depends on the situation and my mood.

It also shows that it is easily possible to run a BoP with 2 or even 3 resist consoles and still maintain high weapon power levels with DHCs.