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06-16-2010, 04:51 PM
Originally Posted by Keichimaru View Post
Doesnt mean that I've seen that. No need to be rude about it. It still needs to be made into a change. Perhaps the more people that post about it, Cryptic will get the idea and they'll add the hair option as they should have done at the Caitian launch
Look at it this way, if they didn't release them now and waited to do the hair first you wouldn't have the ability to play a Caitian at all.

The hair will get done, as stated in the quote it's something they're now working on for ALL species as it's a new way of doing hair that looks better so it's all but guaranteed to start trickling in regardless of the Caitians.

Keep in mind these forums we're ablaze with people demanding Caitians, they were delayed already for various reasons, if they delayed any further the results would have been far worse than the few 'no hair' threads.