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Dear Cryptic, there are literally hundreds of threads with enough "nerd rages" to give some of the folks heartattack. What are the threads about? It's as to whether the AGT Galaxy Cruiser will remain only through the Referral Promotion or it will eventually be accessible via C-Store.

When I cruise around with the AGT Galaxy Cruiser, the general consensus of the majority of the people who don't have the ship seems to be that they will not participate in the Referral Promotion program because they are extremely confident that the ship will eventually be available through C-Store.

Making so many of the "exclusive" items available through C-Store generated a bad precedent. Now, almost everyone seems to think that any items available through special promotion from Cryptics will be handed out later through C-Store at petty price and there's absolutely no reason to participate in these promotion.

Dear Cryptic, we beg you. Could you please give us an answer as to whether the ship will be sold in the C-Store later? It would be extremely disheartening for those who spent possibly weeks to recruit five people to get a beautiful ship (or let alone, those who spent their own money), to learn that several months from now, the ship will be available via C-Store.

Dear Cryptic, please. Give us an answer so all of us can stop arguing and move on? Just one thread of your answer will stop clogging your forum with hundreds of unneeded threads regarding this issue.