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06-16-2010, 08:38 PM
I can see why some are upset over the offering of pre-order items via the C-Store after buying multiple copies but as has been pointed out numerous times the pre-order FAQ made it pretty clear they would likely be available at some point after launch. For me personally I only got one version, I looked at what I'd likely prefer and picked that. Would I have bought more copies if I had the money in order to get more of the pre-order items? No. The thought didn't even enter my mind at the time and reading that others had done so was quite baffling to me. However, that was my choice just as it was everyone elses choice to buy more than one copy if they chose to despite the pre-order FAQ stating what it does.

With regards to the referral program, and I speak for myself here even if I'm pretty sure lots of others feel similarly, I wouldn't refer anyone I know to the game because it is lacking so much right now. Even if I ignore that and went down the "I want" route doing anything to get friends into the game I'd have a difficult time because nobody I know is interested in Star Trek. It may be well known but a subscription MMO is not something everyone is willing to accept.

The referral program reward is pretty fantastic for Cryptic because it clearly has people doing whatever it takes to get referrals in when they otherwise wouldn't. The referral program is pretty pathetic because people that come in will end up where a lot of us are now in a month - stuck with a game that has a lot of bugs, some worse than others, a lack of content variation and can see you reach maximum level then sit around doing dailies waiting for future content patches.

Do I think the Galaxy X will be available at a later date? Honestly, yes. Why? It's in relatively high demand and after the referral push has been done to death with no more interest generated due to bad feelings toward it or other reasons letting a potentially large cash cow sit there unmilked is bad business. If there's one thing a lot of people like to point out it's that Cryptic is a business, they make games but they still want as much money as possible from those games.

If you look at it from that point of view here's what seems plausible to me. After a few months or more of referral only it may be released on the C-Store. Given that the TOS Enterprise was released at 800 points (madness...) and that's a T1 starter ship I'd be amazed to see it on the store for less than 5,000 points. Ignoring the cost of that it would annoy and upset anyone that's gone out to get referrals, whether they've bought the game five times and done it that way or pushed the game on friends, foes, strangers etc. Would that really matter though? I hate to be blunt and cold about it but the money generated from the spike in referrals would likely be gone and the potential loss of customers would very likely be overshadowed by income from C-Store purchases of the ship. That's my opinion and thoughts on it