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06-17-2010, 06:03 AM
Originally Posted by Lexeme
Are you playing in windowed mode or full screen?
The reason I ask is because the game doesn't do anything special regarding the placement of your mouse; Windows does that itself, STO only tells it which cursor graphic to use (that's why I had you try using a software cursor, the SoftwareCursor command suppresses the windows cursor and tells the game to draw the cursor itself). Try playing in windowed mode, and next time you notice this start to happen, move the mouse outside the bounds of the game window and just move in circles or something. I'm curious to know if the mouse continues to lag when you don't have it over the game. Also make sure you don't click outside the window when doing this, that will cause the game to lose focus, and when does that it doesn't run at full speed.

Also, when you see this lag, is it only the mouse that lags or does the entire game?
I've gotten what I call a "mouse trails" effect in the game that sounds similar to parts of the cursor lag. I used to play with the game set to Windowed Maximized since I was using dual screens and didn't have to minimize the game to check a website or IM.

Whenever it happened, it would just be in the game. If I moved the cursor to the other screen, it would be fine, but would still act up in the game as soon as I went back to it.

I just recently switched to straight full screen mode and have not noticed and problems with my pointer since then. It seems like it might be related to how the game or Windows is treating the cursor if the game isn't full screen.