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06-17-2010, 02:17 PM
Originally Posted by SFK
Before I go ahead and buy the Borg BO I would love to get confirmation that I will be able to claim her on all my captains of the corresponding faction, too. Several posts seem to imply that this is the case, but unfortunately Destra only specificly addressed the tribble.

Some clarification would be greatly appreciated.
The C-Store description has been updated to this...
Federation Liberated Borg Bridge Officer
(240 Cryptic Points)

Rescued from the Borg, this officer will bring her experience as a Borg drone to your Bridge Crew! Federation Liberated Borg Bridge Officers have the following traits: Borg Nanites (10% bonus to regeneration and shield regeneration), Efficient (Bonus to Efficiency), Resilient (5% bonus to Physical and Energy damage resistance) and Borg Neural Blast (short-range neural hold power). Note: Purchase of this option unlocks it for all Federation characters on an account.