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06-18-2010, 12:12 AM
Originally Posted by MikeGTC
I'd like to see the Ateam movie to. I don't think it will be an epic good movie, but fun to watch.
I really loved the movie last night, definately gonna buy it on dvd! I can also really recommend the movie if you like action movies in general. The storyline was perhaps not epic but entertaining enough and at least decent hehe. Lots of over the top action, Jessica Biel as eye candy, cool explosions and an angry BA who is scared of flying with fun comedy to watch. :p

BA was better casted then I thought, have to admit I had my doubts about him at first since Mr. T put down such an epic guy, but the new one definately lived up to him. ^_^

Oh and I can also recomment waiting for all the credits to disappear. I read about a small scene that was added after the credits with the original Face and Murdock in it, it's worth waiting for.