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Starfleet Shuttles
  • Sovereign Captain's Yacht / Quantum Torpedo Turret:
    • IT'S ENORMOUS! (Playability means nothing when it destroys immersion. You may as well have made it a centaur class or a wireframe model.)

  • Delta Flyer:
    • It's enormous, too.
    • Nacelles not extending / retracting during warp out / in

  • Class F
    • Also enormous
    • Shuttle name should be written in cursive/script at a jaunty angle at the bow
    • Shuttle pet has the Galileo 2's designation but is missing the Galileo 2 name on the bow
    • While the gunwales do remain level from bow to stern, the hull between them should slope down from fore to aft, represented by the dotted line in the side view in this picture.

  • Most Canon Klingon ship designs in STO appear to be scaled 'against' Federation ships, and as such aren't even close to Canon scale.
  • Most canonical Klingon ships have bright fore and aft facing spotlights that are missing in STO.
  • Where Is the K'Vort cruiser?
  • Several ships have nacelles / wing tips that hang outside of the slipstream tunnel
  • Suggest renaming "Saucer" with "Command Module" "Bridge Module" or simply "Head" inside of ship customisation screen.

    Tier 0:

    D12 / B'rel BoP:
    (Studio model reference) 1 2

    Canon Inconsistencies:
    This is one of the most iconic Klingon ships, full stop, yet it has an egregious lack of detail. This is not only sad, but absolutely shameful on Cryptic's part. As seen throughout the series and films, the classic Bird of Prey ranges from 51 metre scouts to 600+ metre cruisers and is the work horse of the Empire. This style should absolutely have its detail increased; the level of detail should, at the very least, match the Season 2 detail updates on the Galaxy, Intrepid, Comet, and Nomad. Not only should the texture and model be fixed and fixed well, there should be a classic Bird of Prey in every tier.
    • Canon BOP has no wing engines. All engines should be housed in the central yellow / red cluster.
    • Dorsal feather pattern should match the primary colour of the hull
    • Suggest a pattern be created that separates the feather patterns from the rest of the hull (colour / pattern wise) so they remain distinct.
    • Serious and shameful lack of detail on the warp engines.
    • Too many windows
    • Missing forward facing spotlights at the base of the wings

    Tier 1:

  • Quldun BoP:
    Canon Inconsistencies:
    This ship uses the Enterprise series warship design that, for all intents and purposes, is older than the D12 Bird of Prey seen in Star Trek II - IV (Retired because they were likely to be as dangerous to their own crew as their enemies). It seems unlikely that it would be superior to the D12 / B'rel styled Tier 0 Bird of Prey.
  • K'Tanco class battlecruiser:
    Multiple engine exhausts: 2 on the wings, and 4 on the main hull. The two on the wings do not leave contrails and the two in the centre of the hull are over-under but the exhaust contrails are side by side.
  • Somraw Class Raptor
    Canon Inconsistencies:
    Impulse exhausts should be Indigo / Violet

    Tier 2:

  • Norghi BoP:
    Canon Inconsistencies:
    This is an ENT series-based model, a design older than the retired D12 Bird of Prey mentioned previously, sharing much of the design philosophy of the Tier 1. It could at least be more 'TMP/TNG' like the B'Rel / K'vort.
  • K't'inga Class:
    Model reference shots. 1 2

    Canon Inconsistencies:
    D7 Template
    • Impulse engine placement needs polish per remastered TOS, or removed entirely as the original TOS never displayed any at all.
    • Struts need outer exhaust vents.
    • Fleet Logo should be moved from the center portion of the engineering hull to the outer portion.
    • Add aft torpedo tube to mirror the one from the bow to make the in-game model more complete if the slot exists for it.