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06-18-2010, 09:05 AM
I've only been playing STO for about two weeks now I will freely admit. So I am unaware of anyone demanding Caitians (though it doesnt surprise me, to be honest. One of the best races in the continuity.) I just wished to leave my feedback on what I had purchased. As it is, I'm waiting to play my Caitian anyways.

Without a character re-customization option to allow someone to change race, I'm stuck with the same race for the tactical officer I have started with. And being up to Captain 2 already, I'm not too inclined to start over again just to have a Caitian tactical officer.

Its just one of those things that could be improved. I'm certain someone else has mentioned it here somewhere, but the ability to alter a pre-established charater's race or class would be nice, if only to be able to make my Caitian the tactical officer for my account. I don't want to have two or three tactical officers on the same account (except one federation and one klingon.) So I've got my Caitian set up current to be the engineering officer for my account.

But, should Crytpic ever decided to release a class or race change ability, I will most likely purchase that to swap my "alien" Captain over to a Caitian one instead.