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06-18-2010, 09:45 AM
Originally Posted by Monopolist
We don't need your petty demeanor. All i am asking is an answer from Cryptic. If Cryptic sells the Galaxy X and Liberated Borg via C-Store, let them do so.

All I am asking from Cryptic is, if they will make the AGT Cruiser available via C-Store before hundreds of others commit weeks of their times to recruit five people (or a fool and impulsive buyer like me who spent my own wallet), just to find out that they only had to wait for several months to purchase the ship for mere fraction of the price.

We beg you Cryptic. Please give us an answer.
Don't attack me for stating my opinion. I was niether rude or crude to anybody with my first post.
Its is very funny that when some of the lifers and pre-order players didn't want thier exclusive items put into the c-store for everybody to purchase, it was said they were being selfish.
Now that the players who have or are getting the Galaxy-X don't want thier exclusive toy to be shared eventually with the other players, its a vital dilema of extreme importance to get an answer.

Cryptic has already set precedence by allowing some of the lifer/preorder items into the C-store at the disaproval of those players, so why should the Gal-X be any different?
Cryptic can't start showing favortism now thats its too late, so why should it be wrong to put the Gal-X in the Cstore in 2011?