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06-18-2010, 10:39 AM
Originally Posted by storm_dragon View Post
Yep I'm loving the update I now have all the items except the Deltaco shuttle. But I'm sure that will be arriving soon. Now if they would only offer this uniform
Yeah, I dig that uniform too. To that end I have my captain wearing the available TOS uniform and I've tried to emulate that green. He's been wearing it a while. I just added the MU "belt" (sash) to it. Looks pretty good I think.

Originally Posted by WarpVis View Post
...If they open up elements from purchased species to the alien creator, i will probably buy all the playable species even if I have no intention of playing most of them.
Oh, that would be awesome. If you "unlock" a race, that races's parts (and traits!) should be available to you in the Alien Creator.