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06-18-2010, 11:09 AM
Originally Posted by superchum View Post
So there's been a little chatter lately about the recent move to put bonus items on the C-Store. I think I've seen a thread or two about it.

Thing is ... we all forgot that STO is an MMORPG. The RPG part being important here.

Cryptic is merely roleplaying part of the Ferengi Alliance.

And thus ... this move can be explained by two rules of acquisition.

The First Rule ...

This rule covers the Lifetimer Subscriber aspect of the ongoing discussion. It would seem that lifers forgot the very first rule of acquisition. They paid for a lifetime sub, but were ignoring how ferengi treat the act of money changing hands. It's probably part of Cryptic's ongoing inter-office RPG campaign that this came to a head like it did. It is, after all the very first rule of acquisition. So it would have to be a basic aspect of any RPG module or campaign they're running.

And the 239th Rule ...

This rule is the crux of the argument itself for the people complaining. They forgot that Ferengi are ... cutthroat business people. And this quote is a tenet that they do business by. So to tell a Ferengi that you the consumer were deceived by the labeling on their product ... isn't going to get you anywhere.

For further research ...

The Rules of Acquisition
Although I know I disagree on your stance (from most the posts I've read before), I must admit, this post is ingenious at best. =P