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06-18-2010, 12:52 PM
Originally Posted by Metallurgist
If you're going to quote translations of Latin terms for doing business, it would help to know what the actual meaning of the term is. It would also help to use the proper acronyms, as I will demonstrate.

You mean "Caveat Emptor" i.e. "let the buyer beware" not "know what you are buying," but "the buyer is responsible for being mislead by the seller". By the way "aka" means "also known as." Aka is used when giving a name for something or someone, then giving a nickname, or vice versa. (Oh look, another Latin term.) For instance "Michael Jackson aka Wacko Jacko". The acronym you're looking for is "ie" which means "id est". This is latin for "that is", i.e. that is to say that "i.e." means "that is to say".

My response to Caveat Emptor is Caveat Venditor, i.e. Let the seller beware. In otherwords "the seller is responsible for misleading the buyer".
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