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06-18-2010, 03:10 PM
Originally Posted by tendel View Post
lol, it is unfortunate given how business is conducted today it is pushing people towards having to run everything through legal, both consumers and companies.

IMO, the CO-LTS issue would be best served being discussed on the CO Forums. As I wrote earlier, IMO, the merits have been conflated and co-opted by people without a vested interest in the CO issue to serve their own STO objectives.

Discussing it in the CO forums will provide Cryptic with an opportunity to address it as a CO issue, rather than a STO issue, or an overall Cryptic issue.

I'm splitting hairs, but it gives Cryptic breathing room to come up with something that can be presented as a CO solution having nothing to do with STO.

I don't know if it has been done; if its in progress; or a lack of response there being the impetus to introduce it here; but what I do see is the specific issue being overwhelmed in the STO forums and being subject to STO solutions.
Thing is, the entire issue has been muddled up by more than those who are simply the victims of questionably ambiguous terminology. It's also been muddled up by the fact that the items from the COLTS actually affect those who have it and who play STO. If it's addressed on the CO forums, you're going to get a lot of COLTS people who don't give a rat's ass because they aren't also on STO.

Seeing as how it's a combination factor and that the part of the COLTS promotional propeganda that was violated is isolated to STO content, I feel it's best addressed here. It's a COLTS issue that pertains only to STO, not to CO.

Also there are many who bought COLTS for the bonus in STO. I am not one of them, but the STO bonus on the COLTS was actually a deciding factor. Without it I would have remained evenly balanced on either buying it or not. The MU uniform was what tipped me and many others (though perhaps not all) onto the buying side of the line. You see, intended on playing both games and I already wanted a lifetime account, so why not?

As it is, I feel mislead, lied to, bamboozled, hoodwinked, etc.