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06-18-2010, 06:45 PM
Originally Posted by kronoso1979 View Post
I'm just trying to get them to stop filling up the forums with thread after thread of these silly complaints. Its taking up space that could otherwise be utilized for genuine posts by the rational players who actually enjoy the game and the cryptic staff. But so far metal and his "friend" from corpus don't seem to be able to get that idea through their thick heads. All they can seem to see is their own egos and virtual epeens and how cryptic did them so wrong.
And you cannot grasp why these actions were immoral.

As I have stated, immoral people cannot grasp why something is immoral.

It really is comparable to trying to have a conversation with a wall.

If you cannot grasp what a moral business practice is, I suggest you proceed to another forum post until you can. It would be less frustrating for you.