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Originally Posted by Kestrel View Post
From our FAQ:
Open PvP will be restricted to designated sectors of space (far-off reaches of unclaimed territory). Consensual PvP and competitive PvE will occur between the realm borders (the Neutral Zone), where players will be competing over territory and resources with the option to PvP.
There are always options for people who choose not to PvP, just as there will be options for people who want to PvP.
I have a warrior in World Of ******** with over 75k lifetime PvP kills. Before that I was playing Star Wars Galaxies, and though the game didn't keep track of my efforts in crushing the rebellion, I was no less active!

Unlike many players, I see PvP as the ultimate end to any MMO. Players will eventually beat all the content developers can come up with. What is there to do at that point but wait for more content?


I see PvP as the culmination of all the effort of one player to build a powerful character pitted against all the efforts of another player trying to do the same thing. Its when minds meet to determine and challenge each others character theories and strategy in combat. Its the perpetual and eventual test of everything you've tried to accomplish.

Its epic.

What concerned me about this reply to the question of PvP was the statement that it'd be in unclaimed and therefore relatively unimportant, and therefore BORING territory.

So my first question is, will there be zones created where we can openly engage in PvP, and still have to deal with all the other aspects of the game at the same time? How intriguing would these areas be if so far remote?

How about a system of PvP quests where players of the opposite faction are sent to achieve the same or similar goal, in order to bring them to compete for the objective? Or perhaps other goals, just in close proximity? These goals may not have to be accomplished in direct conflict, perhaps a little diversion to distract the enemy while you run off with their badly needed replacement dilithium...

Also, how epic are space and ground battles likely to become if whole fleets are involved?

If the quest based system I mentioned above were seriously considered, what would a fleet version be like?

This kind of system could lead to some seriously fun and limitless scenarios, and hence the reason for my questions and suggestions.

Also, I've always been a glutton for punishment. I like to try things that others don't dare. Odd class talent builds, odd gear, odd tactics. Mostly because I like stretching the limits and doing things people have never seen or thought of. Will smaller vessels and even science vessels be contributing parties to combat (even if heavily stealthy, subversive or indirect) or is it going to be an all out capital ship slug fest?

Please don't turn PvP into a fight at the school flag pole. Don't punish the hunters!

P.S. Is there going to be an in-game macro system? Will there even be a need?