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06-18-2010, 06:37 PM
Originally Posted by Monopolist
Well is it really a futile attempt to get an honest simple answer from Cryptic? After all, Cryptic did give a reply regarding the LIberated Borg. Cryptic did state that the Liberated Borg will not be available through other venues indefinitely. Why not an answer regarding AGT Galaxy Cruiser?

No wonder why the company named itself Cryptic. They are "cryptic" at best at providing "cryptic" answers!
Apparently it is cryptic doesnt want to be up front about anything that way they can switch the rules whenever they want to make even more money it isn't necessary to put it in the cstore it doesnt look like they're going to put an end date on it so peopel continously have a chance to get it
i agree it is not fair that those that recruited people early on don't get the ship they should.