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Ok, so since just about anything and everything is on the C-Store and nothing is sacred, I sat down and honestly thought of things to benefit players AND mostly Cryptic that we could get for various priced fees from the C-Store

Levels - Bought at on of those character slots but don't wanna grind through more Kill 10 Klingon b.s? Now for a small fee of 800 C-Store points you too can get alts leveled and fast! With each instance of Levels you buy from the C-Store you get a token to redeem in game to instantly level a character up one full level. Are you 8 levels from hitting RA5 at level 45? Don't feel like more work? No problem! Just visit the C-Store and you can make up those 8 levels fast!

Species Change - Just buy a cool new species to play as? Don't want to re-roll a new character for it or buy levels? Then use our handy dandy Species Change! Just 1200 Cryptic Points lets you swap dna from any of the cool species in game.

Auto Play - Remember wanting Auto Fire for all ship weapons in space combat? We'll we listened hard to the player base and put our ear to the ground. Now you no longer need to bind three dozen keys to skills, shields, items and movement! Our Auto Play feature is a special item equipment piece that fills a slot of your character equipment screen, activating it with a single keypress will auto target any enemies in range, use your skills, and conduct Fleet management business in Fleet chat all for you! Grab one today and change how you enjoy STO for just 2500 Cryptic Points.

Item Copy-ization - Only purchase a regular retail box copy? See that cool Borg Bridge Officer, or that totally wicked Galaxy X class ship? They too can be yours! Item Copy-Ization acts as a 5th Trait for your character, passive ability, whenever you encounter another player with some rare item you don't have, it's instantly duplicated on your account, forever! Why struggle to recruit 5 people to the game, when for just the low introductory price (subject to change based on popularity) of 4200 C-Store points, you can copy your own Galaxy X ship, or items too!

Coming soon in Season 2.5 update