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06-18-2010, 10:11 PM
Originally Posted by Faenwolf View Post
So is the difference with and without EPS consoles really zero since the new patch? You used a flow regulator even if you stated yourself that this is not supposed to make a difference... Did you also test if there really was no effect on weapons damage any more?
I ran a few "eyeball" tests and really couldn't see a difference, but I haven't run a comprehensive test yet. The main reason I used the EPS flow regulator was so that after dropping out of full impulse it took less time for my power to come back. That way I didn't have to wait for a few more seconds before entering the battle.

Also, I had started testing with it in for the first few tests and then didn't want to change anything up for the rest of the tests. In retrospect, I should have used 2 MK VIII EPS flow regulators to take even the chance of it effecting energy regen out of the equation (by having more than sufficient EPS flow installed).

I can say with fairly high confidence that I don't believe the EPS flow makes a difference for beams. Because cannon energy regen is, in my opinion, bugged it may still help there. If you put a gun to my head and made me give an answer, I'd have to say that I currently don't think it makes a difference. I intended to run a test just to be sure, but I was so burned out on testing that I had to take a break and actually play the game for a while. Maybe I can try to get to it today.