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06-18-2010, 09:26 PM
Originally Posted by Synchrotron
Truthfully, that'd be a much better way to incent people. If you got 600 per recruit instead of 400, and they put the Galaxy-X up for 1,000 points, then those who had a friend or two who weren't playing the game would have a reason to recruit them, and those who did five would get the same value they're getting now.

It is amazing that Cryptic did not apparently consider this most reasonable and dare I saw easy to conceive of idea. I also wondered the same.

Originally Posted by Synchrotron
But then, nobody would buy five copies and subscribe for a month to get it. And fewer people would recruit five. So the promotion wouldn't work as well for Cryptic's bottom line.
This way, the fanatical will spend lots of money, the gullible will do lots of recruiting, and then the patient will cash in later in the C-Store.
Dont be so quick to assume that position. Remember many people purchased six and seven copies of the game to get all the goodies. Shoot I would buy five copies if the G-X was worth it to me to be frank.