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06-18-2010, 11:00 PM
Originally Posted by .Spartan View Post
Dont be so quick to assume that position. Remember many people purchased six and seven copies of the game to get all the goodies. Shoot I would buy five copies if the G-X was worth it to me to be frank.
Assume which? My guess was that if they offered the Galaxy-X for 1,000 points, people who wanted to buy it would just buy 1,000 points, rather than buy five copies of the game and subscribe them each for a month - as it'd be way way cheaper.

Of course, that'd be way way less lucrative for Cryptic - so they'll keep it out of the store until they figure everyone who wanted it enough to pay that much has done so and everyone who'd go out and find five warm bodies has done that and then, once they've gotten everything they can via that route, they'll take the work they've already done and put it up for sale in the C-Store, and get some additional funds there.

If, however, they told everyone point-blank that's how it was going to work, then many of those people would just wait. Currently, they can tell themselves "but what if it doesn't go into the C-Store? I really want it, so I better do what I have to to get it." - and Cryptic's bottom line would suffer thereby.

If it was all about "making the majority of the players happy", the Galaxy-X would be in the C-Store now, along with all the other bonus items that aren't there. Clearly, it's about maximizing profit.

At this point I'm trying to guess when the first paid content shows up which my lifetime sub won't cover - from that point on, future updates will become more and more gated by paid content. Note that I'd expected that to happen, and was looking forward to supporting a game and a company who'd done right by me. As-is, however, they're not getting another dime.

I'm also wondering when they decided to put the Mirror Universe costumes, etc. in the C-Store. If they really had multiple meetings about it, it was probably under discussion before they'd actually finished them. In fact, it may well be that the only reason they did finish them (and the TOS uniforms for that matter) is that they'd decided to put them in the C-Store.

Previously, I'd been rather appreciative that they'd gone the extra mile to fulfill the expectations of the customers (suckers) who bought those packages. Now, I suspect they only did so to get the cash from C-Store. I can guarantee you that they wouldn't have sold as many MU uniforms without the female version, which wasn't in the original (and late) set given us.