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06-19-2010, 02:04 AM
i called my ships with many different names, all sharing a common origin:

The USS Corona is the first i got, and the one i use the most, now it's an Assault cruiser, The uss Corona, NX-9338 - E.

then i have some escort, called Juniper, A and B.

My ltcmd 3 actually has an escort that goes with the name Korinna.

Corona is the home-world of one of the character from the Disney comic Paperinik New Adventury, an Italian production. My Captain is named after Everett Ducklair, an alien escaped from is own culture;
My second captain is named after Zyggi Flaggstar, an ex-PBI( the Disney equivalent of the FBI) that dropped out the accademy because he did not belive in the need of secrecy on important matters(like alien, for istance.)

Korinna and Juniper are the daughters of Ducklairs, and are also the names of 2 of the 4 artificial moons surrounding the Corona planet.

i just love the comic, i pratically been grown with it....