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# 14 TOS beam and Nimbus
06-19-2010, 08:32 PM
Hi i posted a ist on the old version, i've updated my reply to include screen shot but i will include it here too.

The TOS beam as well as being fat, can fire at certian angles through the hull and due to its oversie the if you look down on the saucer while the beam fires from under it will seem of the beam, and vice versa if u looking up from underneath.

the Nimbus lights up quite nicely using dual plasma beams, if i tried different weapons maybe it would give a multi colour affect / using single beams fom the aft slot has no affect on the ship.

*not tested yet fore single beams or other types of dual beams.

the version of the Niumbus i use is a mix of different parts, i will add them later, but now the screen shots.

first 3 in this folder show the ToS beam, ln one im looking down on the ship while it fires at a target below, giving a red circle on my saucer section. the other 4 show how the Nimbus lights up.

Screen shots