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06-20-2010, 12:35 PM
Originally Posted by Zodi-emish
well the question will come down to, how is it going to be set up. will you just have one uniform options for all of the crew. of will you be able to pick for each sections ( example, you can pick the science uniform for science crew members, operations uniform for operations crew members, and a tactical uniform for security officers )

also if we do get missions on our ships it would be nice to pick a stranded type of weapon for the crew.
I probably thought too much into it without really thinking about it :p I was thinking that they just gave you a crew uniform template. So it pops up a random looking npc, goes into the character creator minus Appearance/Body option (so it just has only the Uniform option) and allows you to create your uniform. Once createed, it auto colors in the uniform based on how the NPC is flagged. So it would use the standard default colors for the different operations (red for command, yellow for engineering, and blue for science). It would have an option that allowed you to pick the base colors for the different operations, for those that use an alternate color scheme. So if you picked Brown to be engineering, every NPC flagged engineer would have brown as their color instead of yellow.

As for weapons, never gave it a thought. Again, just assumed they would use the Federation standard (hand Phaser). Wouldn't really be a problem since their damage would scale to your level. But it would be nice to have an option to change it. Never go wrong with too many options