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06-20-2010, 01:23 PM
Originally Posted by Felderburg View Post
Great thread, this and the original. Glad to see so many errors in one place.

I will say, however, that Miranda class ships are generally modular, and it's not inconceivable that they would have minor variations from canon ( We are 30 years ahead of the latest canon version of the Miranda, so they would probably get upgrades of some sort.

Same basic idea applies to some of the other canon items listed. A lot of them involve windows... ships can have different window types, do these errors apply to all window types, or just the ones used on screen? (I mean: most ships on screen have rectangular thing windows, but we can choose to put round ones on our ships. Are the round window placements also incorrect?)

Speaking of windows, maybe the in game Nova class just has the lights turned off?

Also, the "canon" inconsistencies between steamrunner and zephyr don't really apply, in my opinion. Although the Zephyr is an updated steamrunner, it's still a different class.

Anyways, sorry to nitpick a little, I'm just curious about these things. Great thread, I approve!
Appreciated, but I must refer you to the first post:

Originally Posted by -Jes-
Ok, I'm hoping to make a catalogue here of known STARSHIP MODEL issues. This means anything from phasers shooting out from nowhere, to clipping textures, visual glitches and Canon inconsistencies.

PLEASE, post ONLY if you have any NEW info on issues or inconsistencies any ship might have, as posting info already found here will only hamper my efforts to update this thread.

If you are only here to flame or whine or otherwise argue semantics, PLEASE GTFO NOW!
If you want to argue that you think the ships look better flawed or that detail can be ignored and sloppiness and lazy modelling accepted and excused for a difference in the time frame then here is not the place for it. Take it to another thread and point out how wrong our list of contributors are in wanting fixes.

Don't forget to read back into the previous version of this thread and see where CapnLogan, the ship dev, agrees with everyone listed in the credits of the Klingon error post and calls the work of his predecessors sloppy and poor (to paraphrase).