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06-21-2010, 07:51 AM
Ok, I finally got around to testing it today. The bad news is with 4 cannons the damage output with two uncommon EPS flow MK X was much higher than with no EPS flow consoles equipped. Even the two consoles is not enough to stop energy from dropping more than it should, but it recovers faster. That throws a monkey wrench in things and may invalidate some of my results, forcing me to retest.

As I stated before, I feel the way that energy regen currently works on cannons is absolutely bugged, but I don't know how to get this information to the attention of Cryptic. I've tried posting a few times, but I have no confidence that anyone who can do anything about it will get the message. The fact is not that many people are aware of the problem, so it's going to get drowned out by all of the people complaining about inane things like the exclusives now being available in the c-store. I guess I'll try to put in a couple of bug reports in the game as well.

I suspect that the EPS flow consoles may improve the results of DC, C, and T. It probably won't make much difference with DHC, and I don't believe the mechanics with beams is the same. I didn't notice power dropping below where it was supposed to be with them, so I suspect they will not see an improvement with EPS flow consoles, but I will still check.