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06-21-2010, 08:02 AM
This is my advice on such matters:

1) Bug it. Note the ticket ID.

2) Join the TTS chat. If you see a QA online, ask him about whether they are aware on this. Give the ticket id and a thread where you posted the information an details for replicating it. (Like this one.)

3) Post it in the Tribble forum. IIRC, there is a "Known Bugs" in one of the forums. Add it there. Add it to one of the threads discussing the energy level changes, and feel free to make your own thread.

4) Get others to test and confirm this, and post reports on the forums or file bugs.

But beware:
You will rarely, if ever, get any replies. That doesn't mean it is not getting heard or read. But Bug Tickets are never answered and are not expected to be. (GM Tickets are, but this is not something a GM can handle). You will only know when the bug is getting fixed that they did notice your report (or someone else's report)

There are too many bug reports to answer them individually (most bugs will probably be reported multiple times!) And the devs can't just swing by the forums every day and join the discussions.

What I would probably not try is a PM. If everyone does this, they would suffer the same issue as bug reports do - you'll never see an answer since it are too many. (But unlike bug reports, they are not meant for this kind of purpose).