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06-21-2010, 06:32 PM
Originally Posted by boulot View Post
Wow Nagorak. This gets me thinking in new ways.

So, what you have tested is how dps is affected by energy consumption. I have an ancillary question.

Is energy a fixed total quantity for all sub-systems? For example, if I am firing my 3 beams and also want to transfer emergency power to shields while the beams are firing, does that mean that I"m getting less regen to shields ? I would think no. I have not seen anywhere that energy is a fixed quantity. The 3 sub-systems seem to be working independently each with their own independent reserve of energy (with the possibility to favour one sub-system with more energy through the HUD).
If you use a power that increases one of the subsystems (Emergency Power to X) then it just increases it. Each power type works independently, for the most part. You only drain energy from one to another if you actually change the allocation in the power meter.